Avanza Rehab commenced operation in 2017 offering Case Management and Occupational Therapy services. We specialize in offering services to people with severe injuries after motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries. We travel all over NSW and ACT for one off assessments and therapy. Our staff have diverse clinical skills and experience with Lifetime Care and Support, Workerscare and CTP schemes.

We provide assessments and treatment for people with complex injuries following motor vehicle accidents and workplace injuries. We also provide assessments and treatment for people with disabilities including neurological disorders and vision impairments.

We are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency AHPRA and members of Occupational Therapy Australia.


Kate Pollard has been working as a case manager since 2008 and has been an Occupational Therapist since 1989. She worked at Access Brain Injury Services in Sydney from September 2008.  Prior to that Kate worked at Allianz CTP managing a team of rehabilitation advisors who worked with people with complex and catastrophic injuries. 

Kate is a registered Occupational Therapist and has qualifications in Rehabilitation Counselling, primary education and a Masters in Linguistics having lived overseas in South America for many years. She speaks Spanish fluently.

Kate has extensive experience in paediatrics having worked with children with cerebral palsy, vision impairments and neurological conditions at the Spastic Society of Victoria, Vision Australia and overseas in private practice and in schools. She also has experience with people with vision impairments and blindness.


Elizabeth is an experienced occupational therapist who has worked with people with brain injuries, in forensic and general psychiatry with people with mental health conditions and in neurology and orthopaedics. She has experience working with children in schools with complex intellectual disabilities. Elizabeth has skills in providing guidance and support using a person centred approach. She has skills in assessment of people with cognitive and complex needs. Elizabeth has skills in implementing comprehensive neuro-cognitive assessments of people with brain tumours and developing cognitive rehabilitation treatment programs for people with cognitive dysfunction. She has experience delivering standardized assessments of executive functioning, memory and attention for adults and assessment and treatment of children with working memory and executive dysfunction.

Most recently she has worked in a pain management program developing programs for people with complex needs including goal setting, problem solving and developing action plans.


Abby Comer completed her PGDip in Occupational Therapy in Scotland in 2004 after first completing a BSc in Psychology. Over the years she has worked in the UK, New Zealand and Australia in a wide variety of roles. Specialising in Neuro rehab in recent years she has an in-depth knowledge of minor and major home modifications, equipment provision and cognitive and physical rehab. Abby is FIM accredited and proficient in a range of standardised cognitive assessments (e.g. MOCA, OCS, CMOP, Rookwood, Needle) she has a strong functional approach to rehab and enjoys working with a range of cases and complexities.

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Jessica is Avanza Rehab's Office Manager who has been assisting with the growth and daily operations of the business for over two years. She has has many years of administrative experience which she proudly displays at Avanza Rehab. Jessica uses her passion for organisation and efficient procedures to ensure that Avanza Rehab is always running as smooth as possible. Jessica is enthusiastic about seeing that all people have the opportunity to live their life to the fullest capacity that is possible. This is why Jessica is so passionate about assisting the therapists with improving everyday life for all Avanza Rehab participants.


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